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The Dieline Awards 2011—FOOD

The Dieline Awards 2011: Third Place - Trata on Ice

by First name Last name on 06/24/2011 | 2 Minute Read

AWARDS11 3 3 Trata

Entrant: Beetroot

Country: Greece

Category: Food A

Description: The tail of the fish is one of the main visual elements that were used on these frozen seafood packaging series. It was used both on the design of the logo and the structure of the packages. It is a very strong element of the brand since it makes the products recognizable from any view angle. The black background, the subtle typography and the seafood illustrations were used in order to underline the quality of the product and to give a delicatessen feeling. You can actually see the product through the holes on the illustrations that highlight the part of the seafood that is included inside the package.


AWARDS11 3 3 Trata2

AWARDS11 3 3 Trata7AWARDS11 3 3 Trata3AWARDS11 3 3 Trata6AWARDS11 3 3 Trata4AWARDS11 3 3 Trata5AWARDS11 3 3 Trata1

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