The Dieline Awards 2011: Second Place - Nutella Ferrero Limited Edition-Celebration of the 150th Anniversary

by First name Last name on 06/24/2011 | 2 Minute Read

AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella

Entrant: ARC's

Country: Italy

Category: Food C

Description: What is the nutshell of Italian excellence? And how the beloved Nutella can celebrate it, together with millions of Italian families? This has been the starting point for the design of the limited edition of Nutella 1861-2011. ARC’S has interpreted the project in four themes: Arts (music, poetry, cinema), Design, Landscapes & Architecture, Historical topics. The result is a fresh and joyful dialogue between Federico Fellini and the matchless Moka for coffee, Rome and Venice, Garibaldi riding a Vespa! Words and design mix together, words become design and they beat a syncopate rhythm. For example, the “Landscapes & Architecture” theme in English would sound something like “The train makes us run quickly: from the Alps to Sicily joints Rome the immortal with Pisa and its Tower and Venice laying on the water!” The soul of Nutella, which is usually represented by its limited edition, becomes one unique thing with this Anniversary and ideally embraces all Italians, from the South to the North, as a sole big family.


AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella1

AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella2AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella3AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella4AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella6AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella7AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella8AWARDS11 3 2 Nutella5

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