+5, Pots for Lots

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 06/23/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Inspired by nested Russian dolls, +5 Pots for Lots is a creative way to conserve water. Each pot has a letter indicating the size that corresponds to the measurements on the cap/ watering tool, to prevent over watering. Check out this cool product after the jump! 

"+5 Pots for Lots , is a concept developed based on the need of water waste prevention. The idea of the object is based on combining elements taken from different disciplines. The system of the Russian doll with multiple layers is merged with technological processes to achieve the goal.

The pots of different sizes exist inside of one big pot which is closed with a special cap, which also functions as both a cover and as a precise watering tool.  To use the measuring cap, user follows the measurements of XS S M L XL sizes which correspond to the sizes of the pots. This process of precise water measurement insures that each pot gets the right amount of water and as a result no water is thrown out and no plans are over watered. 

The compact grouping of the pots insures space economy,in addition the stylish molding allows to place the unused pots ( inside the big pot) as a Design object in the interior. 

So as a result we are getting an integrated system which is ecco friendly, compact, stylish and customizable."

Designed by Vasily KasSab

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