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Confeitaria Lopes

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 06/17/2011 | 2 Minute Read

A packaging and identity system for a family-owned bakery, Confeitaria Lopez. We love the idea of using pre-made container and applying the design to labels really work for a family own business. We love how they also left a space for writing the "used-by" or "produced-by" dates. Check out more of this lovely design after the jump.

"Confeitaria Lopes is a family-owned bakery where Chef Lopes expresses his talent in creating artisan crafted delicacies. His passion for sweet things took him trough France, Belgium and Spain to expand his knowledge, particularly as a chocolatier, and nowadays he imports the best ingredients from all over the world to serve as base for his creations. He offers a vast range of products from typical portuguese pastries, French pastries, the italian Panetonne, to homemade jams, handcrafted chocolates and other innovative creations of his own.

He met us with the need of an identity that reflected the values inherent to this tasteful creations (we had to test and they are really awesome). With the identity we set the visual tone but the packaging presented the challenge of a large range of packing needs and low quantity production (which meant tight cost constraints). With this in mind we created a set of labels which adapted to different standard containers resulting in an efficient and memorable solution."

Designed by Gen

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