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Peace Tea

by First name Last name on 03/18/2011 | 2 Minute Read


John Malloy approached Lisa Lopuck, creative director at Peace Tea Beverage Company collaborated in the creation of the packaging for Peace Tea Brand. The result? This amazing illustrations that works well with the message of peace that the brand wants to communicate."


"Peace Tea is an all natural tea developed by Peace Tea Beverage Company. Originally I had reached out to Lisa Lopuck, the Creative Director of the agency working with Peace Tea on the brand, (now Vice President of Creative at Peace Tea), in its early stages.

I've only been doing illustration freelance now for just a little over 3 years, and I knew very little about what the end product would be when we first started working on it [or how widespread it would be]. Once I found out it's distribution I was excited about the opportunity for the kind of exposure it would bring to my work. They thought my drawing/painting style, lettering, and colors really fleshed out the message they had in mind... one of Peace that would come across visually as natural, down-to-earth, hand-made, and give an overall sense of unity. 

The designs have been and still are a joint effort between me and Lisa, with a lot of back and forth on concepting, layout, colors, etc. She's been amazing to work with and the process/vision behind the designs has been an organic one from the beginning. Her vision was to set each flavor's artwork in a different locale in the world, implementing visual details of historic struggles for peace from each nation. "

 Art director: Lisa Lopuck 

Illustration: John Malloy






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