Vendors line the halls of Fancy Food Fest


by Ivan Navarro on 09/28/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Who remembers Tang? Such a cool revival! Streng Design gave Tang an updated and -may I say- super cool new look. 

"Revival of a dying brand is a favorite challenge of the design and research studio Streng.  The Streng UXD team kicked off this project with a large scale participatory study. Working with student populations they leveraged a diverse test base to identify user delights. An additional research team at Streng began with an intensive investigation of the brand history and operational capabilities for manufacturing."


Capitalizing on key visual elements, the teams at Streng crafted an identity that eclipsed previous testing numbers. The results are visually iconic, mentally "sticky", and a delightful experience. Testing scores identified this as a market disrupting product resolution. 'There is a 'rock, paper, scissors' kind of balance struck here, that preserves parental aspiration, child engagement and brand - without one blotting out the others', says chicago studio Co-founder Daniel Streng."


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