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London design studio Construct has given the branding of London's famous Claridge's hotel a thorough overhaul. Check it out after the jump.

"Because it is a working hotel with a huge number of items traditionally branded (from teapots and egg cups through to slippers and dressing gowns), Construct's task of not just branding, but implementing a consistent and cohesive sense of identity throughout the hotel and the objects within it was by no means straightforward. In fact, the rollout of the new branding is ongoing throughout this year as there are so many different ideas to implement across a huge range of items.

As well as introducing a sophisticated colour palette of jade, gold, white and black, bold architecturally inspired chevron patterns appear on the inside of bags, envelopes and on various objects, publications and goodies guests at the hotel are lilkely to encounter. Here are a selection of images of some of the items (some are mock ups yet to be produced) that display Claridge's new look."

"We put aside design dogma that prescribes the corporate and repetitive approach of a consistent logo on every item possible in the belief that if you see it often enough it will be remembered," says Construct's creative director Georgia Fendley of the approach to the rebrand. "We felt that this was overkill and in fact did not allow the personality of the hotel to shine through. Better, we felt, to celebrate Claridge's unique qualities by expressing them through a hundred exquisite experiences. Claridge's needed branding with a degree of flexibility and imagination that enables staff to deliver a level of service that cannot be prescribed but is intuitive and personal."






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