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by First name Last name on 04/22/2010 | 1 Minute Read



New work from Ferroconcrete:

"What makes echo stand out from other bottled waters is its simplicity; it is bottled water that minimizes its environmental impact.

Clean, modern and responsible - the blue and green color palette evokes the purity of the water and the design of the packaging keeps waste to an absolute minimum. Even the removable label was created to save time and effort. The name of the brand, like the arrows in the logo and the packaging, emphasize how efficiently echo uses all of its resources.

As its tagline states, echo is “simple, local and responsibly packaged.” Ferroconcrete embraced that philosophy and turned it into a complete, personified brand.

This project encompassed brand strategy, positioning, identity, development of brand language, retail packaging and marketing collaterals." 

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