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The Dieline Awards: Second Place - Food C - Thomas Haas Chocolates

by First name Last name on 04/14/2010 | 2 Minute Read


Entrant: Bricault Design

Country: Canada


"We first designed the mould for a chocolate bar in which no two pieces are alike, turning sharing into a game. The pattern of break lines is reflected in the embossing on the front of the package.

Next, we designed a series of packaging for the diverse array of products included in the Thomas Haas chocolates line. The Percentage series of chocolate bars emphasizes the importance of cocoa content on the chocolate experience, and it  was the first in a new line of products for artisan chocolatier Thomas Haas. The graphics convey the precise, percentage-focused theme while maintaining a playful spirit. Flourishes like embossing and foil stamping reference the luxuriousness of fine chocolate.

Each bar in the series of 6 has a different percentage of cocoa, and consequently a unique taste profile ranging from “creamy & well-balanced” to “bold & pure.” The graphical treatment, including the cocoameter on one side of the package, emphasize the influence of cocoa percentage on the flavour and texture of chocolate–an important aspect of this series.

A Tea series of chocolate bars focuses on various tea powders, all of which are high in healthful antioxidants. Each bar takes on a unique colouring depending on the powder used. For powdered hot chocolate, a can is made oval-shaped to maximize shelf presence. Consumers are invited to peel off the outer label when they are finished with the product, revealing a minimally-branded keepsake tin.

Finally, the Bites series and the Bark series are distinguished by their unique patterned windows which display Haas’s chocolates." 

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