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The Dieline Awards 2010

The Dieline Awards: First Place - Electronics, Technology, Movies, CDs - Jawbone Prime Earcandy

by First name Last name on 04/15/2010 | 3 Minute Read


Entrant: Fuseproject

Country: USA


The latest product to be introduced into the Jawbone brand is the Jawbone PRIME in EARCANDY colors. PRIME continues Aliph’s tradition of marrying technology and design to deliver the best Bluetooth headset on the market. Technologically, the Jawbone PRIME has even better audio quality, and aesthetically, improved comfort and fresh, fun color choices. EARCANDY is a summer color burst, bringing self-expression and a smile to the Jawbone line-up.

Marketing Objectives:


"In addition to the product, we designed the consumer-friendly packaging, the naming, logo and brand identity. All of these are evolutions of our ongoing building of the Jawbone brand and it’s family of products.

Regarding the packaging, the Jawbone jewel case is a stunning alternative to the competition, and is distinctive in its clean, monolithic appearance. A Jawbone headset elegantly suspends within a museum-like cube, offering a 360-degree view of the product. The effect is functional (the consumer can realistically interface with the product) as well as precious (the product is presented on a pedestal of sorts). The jewel case is housed in a smooth matte sleeve, which easily slides away from the hard shell. Individually designed paper boxes for product accessories round out the un-boxing ceremony, and contribute to the preciousness of the experience. Industry professionals consider the Jawbone headset a premium product, and our design of the packaging is in service of this. Moreover, the packaging for Jawbone has been a contributor to this perception, and to the fostering of an emotional connection to the brand.

With Jawbone packaging, everything is considered and everything has a role. Opening the package is a bit more like undressing than un-boxing; a smooth, matte black sleeve jackets the clear, shiny jewel case. The Jawbone logo and its support typography receive understated hits from the embossing plate and gloss varnishers to cool, unostentatious effect. Our use of finishing elements has been to accentuate and make more special, not suffocate. The black, uncoated papers used to house the internal components within the jewel case yield a tactile quality that recall fine artist papers. Informational typography is discreet and minimal, like the elegantly understated menu of a chic restaurant.

Sustainability is another quality that sets Jawbone packaging apart from others. The yoke that holds the headset securely inside the box reduces the need for plastic or Styrofoam cushioning during product shipment. Because of the sleeve’s functionality as an enclosure, the need for a heat seal, adhesives or shrink-wrap was also eliminated. Additionally, all the components in Jawbone’s packaging are recyclable. Not to mention, the jewel case itself can always be repurposed to house small odds and ends.

The Jawbone packaging has set the stage for the entire Jawbone brand ecosystem, contributing to an experience that intuits consumer needs and desires for products that are representative of a sophisticated lifestyle. Yet, a Jawbone notion of luxury is not about being exorbitant or over-designed. It is through a purposeful and considered attention to the experience that we have positioned Jawbone not just as an object to be desired, but an entire brand to be envied."


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