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The Dieline Awards: First Place - Books, Office & Art Supplies, Toys, Clothes/Accessories - Promotional Japanese Denim

by First name Last name on 04/15/2010 | 1 Minute Read


Entrant: Boy Bastiaens / StormHand

Country: Netherlands



The very small scale denim label Atelier LaDurance was established in 2002 in France and produces small runs of jeans and jackets made with only exclusive upper level Japanese Denim. Made on shuttle looms, age old machines that disappeared from the US in response to a demand for more denim during the sixties. And purchased by Japanese companies like Kaihara and Kurabo, who have kept the old American denim making tradition still alive. 

The promotional Japanese Denim packaging is a fine bamboo mat (44,5 cm x 26 cm) wrapped around a folded pair of jeans and closed with a velcro strip on the backside.

Marketing Objectives:

In a market dominated by big international players with endless marketing and advertising budgets, Atelier LaDurance quickly became visible for a group of dedicated lovers of authentic denim products. From day one, packaging is the brand’s communication tool of choice.

Applied strategically, broad and diverse: as consumer packaging, as ‘brand image’ for press releases & publicity purposes and/or as instore medium within the retail environment.

The Promotional Japanese Denim packaging supports the brand in an associative way by means of its simplicity that unifies product and packaging into an autonomous object of a certain timeless quality.



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