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The Dieline Awards 2010

The Dieline Awards: Best of Show - Help Remedies by ChappsMalina

by First name Last name on 04/15/2010 | 1 Minute Read


Entrant: ChappsMalina

Country: USA


ChappsMalina was approached by Help Remedies, a New York City-based startup with a big idea: to revolutionize over-the-counter medication. The resulting line consists of 6 products that are designed to guide you through the medication aisle with ease and comfort. From "help, I have a headache"  to "help, I can't sleep", instead of yelling "FAST ACTING!" and "EXTRA STRENGTH", the brand whispers in lower case empathy.

Marketing Objective:

The product approach was simple; keep it clean and minimal with enough coding to clearly articulate my needs in a moment of crisis as directly as possible. Instead of lab coats, ChappsMalina chose to communicate content through the soft topography of the packaging material, that is reminiscent of a soft white pillow. To reinforce the Help Remedies message of responsibility, we designed the packaging using a highly innovative combination of paper pulp and co-molded corn-based plastic, making it completely compostable and a first of its kind.

Congrats To ChappsMalina!

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