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Ubuntu Cola

by Natasha Chetiyawardana on 03/23/2010 | 1 Minute Read


The world's first fair trade cola launched last month. Based in Malawi (one of the world's poorest countries), Ubuntu is made by guaranteeing its farmers an above market price for their crops. At £1.50 per day, this is six times the average wage in Malawi. 

Ubuntu is a Zulu word that means community and humanity; "I am because we are". To the company it encapsulates the feel of the company as they donate a third of the profits to trade in the area. It's an interesting development in Fairtrade as products are normally associated with tea, coffee and cocoa, but sugar absolutely makes sense as a Fairtrade product. 

Ubuntu's packaging was designed by Simon Porteous. It's clean and simple, and I'm happy to see that it doesn't smack of traditional conventions associated with Fairtrade. The product should be good and stand up in its own right too. 


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