New Rexona Adventure

by Salih Kucukaga on 12/09/2010 | 3 Minute Read

"Unilever launched Rexona Teens Music Fun, a new global variety of the company, leader in antiperspirants, inspired in music for adolescents. The prestigious Argentinean agency, Pierini Partners, was responsible for the design. The Studio chose an informal and relaxed image for its graphic."

Designed by Pierini Partners.

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One of its main characteristics is the chromatic palette, including intense turquoise, black, and metalized light-blue. These were selected for a double purpose; on one hand, to mark a difference between this new variety and the other launchings of the brand, and on the other hand, to create an attractive and bright visual effect, which matches the joy and magic teens experience when they enjoy their music. 

As to the design, Adrián Pierini, the agency’s CEO commented: “The aesthetic is based on a texture made of concentric circles arranged in a recreational way, on which the identifier icon of the brand is applied: the tic. This element is reinforced in an emotional way, through its integration with the simplified image of a vinyl record. This composition was chosen, because it had very positive connotations, including the retro imaginary and the adrenaline and emotion of electronic music”.        

The new design made by Adrian Pierini for the leader company in masculine antiperspirants offers consumers the adventure to go further away.
In this article, Pierini provides us with an analysis not only of the design but of the experimental phenomenon in the consumer as well.
Have you ever wished to have a waterproof watch? What for? Did you fancy using it in deep waters? Of course not. Nevertheless, to have that watch would allow you to live that fantasy. 
Rexona Adventure reflects in a clear way the men desire of over-demand as a reaffirmation of his male condition, and it reaches, through its shapes, typography and colors, to a magnificent interpretation of that aspirational world.     
The imaginary created by the whole proposal (campaign and packaging), offers consumers the possibility of moving with their minds to new horizons and of living an unexpected and unique adventure, going away from daily routine.
Rexona Adventure has a direct and forceful graph. That is a consequence of the joint actions of several factors, whose characteristics could be stated in this way:
Experimental evocation
Iconicity / Symbolism
Reaffirmation of the election through the experience
1- The experimental evocation consists of the image the consumer has in mind when he decodes a message. Rexona Adventure has this excellent requirement, because it has managed to have a coherent and unified communicational strategy.  
2- The iconicity, that is, the group of essential visual resources which allows the consumers to have an instant mental link with the imaginary the brand looks for, is as simple as it is efficient. The basic chromatic palette based in orange and 


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