Batch Ice Cream

by First name Last name on 12/02/2010 | 2 Minute Read

"The design challenge was to create a premium look while maintaining the DNA of the brand: Hand-made. Local. Small."

Design Firm: Devers Ink & Lead, Boston MA.

Designer: Wade Devers

In the words of owners and small-batch ice cream makers, Susie and Veronica:

"We are 2 gals making ice cream using ingredients that are local, Fair Trade, organic (where we can), and darn good! We’re making the ice cream fully from scratch…no one else does this, they use a mix that contains all sorts of things you cannot pronounce. Our all-natural ice cream is free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, and stabilizers, which means you can expect to have a smooth, fantastic tasting ice cream."

"Drawing influence from city neighborhood restaurant menus, written daily on chalk boards, we were able to imbue this artisanal brand with the right balance of hand-craft and whimsy. The labels are all hand-lettered and individualized by flavor. For example, each includes a unique "tiny landscape", a simple way to add surprise and delight for those who discover it."

batch ice cream is made in Jamaica Plain, MA.

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