Bespoke Lambda Handcrafted Olive Oil

by First name Last name on 10/29/2010 | 3 Minute Read

The first personalized olive oil in the world.
"Pioneering Greek luxury food & beverage Speiron Co. has created the first personalized olive oil. Three years after the launch of λ /lambda/ ultra premium olive oil in 2007 which was the first luxury olive oil in the world, Speiron now announces an one-of-a-kind λ /lambda/ bottle in an exceptional bespoke creation that can be sent to any place of the globe the customer orders to at a price of $15,320."
“Outstanding craftmanship and remarkable quality is what we are always thriving for. We wanted to entirely reinvent the olive oil perception, since olive oil was considered a cheap commodity for cooking. We did that three years ago by launching the first luxury olive oil in an exquisite gift box, we are now breaking ground again by presenting the first bespoke olive oil. 
λ /lambda/ would now be appreciated and offered as a unique, fascinating item, defining a category of its own” says Giorgos Kolliopoulos, founder of Speiron. “We have developed a new, membership-only “λ /lambda/ highly personal service” that will guide our distinctive clientele through every λ /lambda/ bespoke creation and help them achieve the utmost for their wishes”.
The customer will have his/hers signature embossed on the sleek, minimalistic flask-like λ /lambda/ bottle along with a special marking for this exclusive edition on the shoulder of the bottle. Great craftsmen in wood have joined their forces for the occasion. A white lacquered handcrafted case is the result of their mastery. Made of solid niagon wood - famed for its unrivalled solidity - the case also bears two 18k white gold plates, the one marking the exclusive λ /lambda/ highly personal service and the other bearing the name of the owner.
This prestigious making is accompanied by a certificate of exclusivity as well as a certificate of exceptional quality.
A one-of-a-kind artistry from one of the rarest olive oils in the world, persistently sought-after for its intense fruity organoleptic properties and ultra-low acidity, λ /lambda/ is once again proving to be as cutting edge as ever."

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