Student Spotlight: Eren Saracevic

by First name Last name on 01/01/2010 | 1 Minute Read




Eren Saracevic is a design student at IDEP in Spain:

"The proposal was to design a new beer to drink at the night for the
Spanish brand San Miguel. The final result was a premium beer for the
night designed to drink in a Pub or a Bar by the night. We had to do
the bottle of 33cl. the tin also of 33cl. and the box for the sixpack.
To show that the design worked fine in more formats I also wanted to do
the big bottle of 1,5l.


The solution was to expose with the image possible ways of ending
the night, that could become anecdotes to tell in a bar or pub
conversation. At the back there were a little copy about the anecdote
that happend to the person that is in the photo.

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