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Portland General Store

by Yael Miller on 06/16/2009 | 3 Minute Read


I like to check out Etsy from time to time - they have the best handmade items. Thousands of sellers have shops that feature everything from handmade jewelry to organic body care products. Packaging is usually not a strong point for many Etsy sellers - many are just do-it-yourself folk without much branding experience.

So, when I came across Portland General Store's packaging, it was a pleasant surprise. Lisa Brodar makes a wide range of body care products ranging from skin creams to fragrances for men and women. She designed the labels herself, which is pretty impressive considering she can create the product and the look for it, too.

I've selected some of my favorites from her etsy store for men and women. Hope you like these as much as I do! I now have to go find something to sample from her shop...


In Lisa's words: "I've always been interested in health and well-being, and that spilled over into the choices I made when I started Portland General Store, which focuses on high quality, organic, and vegan products using as few chemicals as possible. I also have a background in marketing, web development, and advertising, and a BFA in Illustration, all of which have been valuable assets to the growth of Portland General Store (all design, product development, and packaging are done by me). I've incorporated a vintage pharmaceutical look to my products that is reminiscent of the past when there might have only been one general store in town to get all of one's goods. I actually believe we're heading back to similar times -- as all of these large corporate chains collapse around us and oil prices go up, I believe more people will be living in small, walkable cities, or "yogurt towns"."











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