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Student Spotlight: Monika Ostaszewska, "Flavours of Podlasie"

by Maja Pelc on 03/03/2009 | 2 Minute Read




Monika Ostaszewska graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. “Flavours of Podlasie" ("Smaki Podlasia"), her graduation project, was included in Best Graduation Projects 2007/2008. 

“The Podlasie Region is situated close to the eastern border of Poland. The region is popular with foreigners, who come here to see the last European primeval forest. It is also a tasty region offering its inhabitants and tourists real specialties of a long tradition: “sękacz”, “pierogi” and cheese from Korycin.
The project contains a conceptual solution for the packaging and its graphic identity. The essence of the project is creating a new brand ‘Flavours of Podlasie’ (integrating different local producers) and in terms of graphics – visual reference to the ornamentation style of the region. Particular groups of products are identified by distinct colour codes while the essential graphic theme is based on a typical pattern of double-warp fabrics from Podlasie Region. The idea may contribute to an increase in sales of Podlasie food which is famous for its good quality and ecological values as well as the region’s economic development and its promotion. Individual graphics are built by one module – inspired by rough, thick weave. The module is also a detail which appears in (a common for the whole packaging line) red tag ‘Flavours of Podlasie’.Primitive or even ‘pixel-like’ graphic identity, two-colour, colour inversion, oblong shape of packages, austere colour scheme and a frame (edging) which closes up the composition  (often in a package seal) is a direct reference to a double-wrap textile character.”

Despite the fact the packaging hasn’t been produced  yet, it won a series of awards, including: First Prize in Student Pakstar 2008 in Poland and Certificate of Recognition in the World Star Awards 2008 in Tunis. Monika and her brother, Przemek Ostaszewski, recently created a new web
portal "Design From Poland". The goal is to promote polish
designers. More photos, together with the regional patterns used in the series, after the jump.





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