Francis Ford Coppola's "Carmine"

by First name Last name on 03/02/2009 | 1 Minute Read


Sfaustina designed this jug for Francis Ford Coppola presents. Here's the story that inspired it:

“When I was
four years old, I played in the basement of our home where my father,
Carmine, kept jugs of wine. In my attempt to carry a jug across the
room, I slid a pencil through the glass loop in order to pick up the
jug. Too heavy to support the weight of the bottle, the pencil snapped
in two, and the jug shattered on the floor. That night, my father came
home with my favorite dessert – cannoli – but he was so angry about the
broken jug of wine, there was no dessert for me.”
— Francis Ford Coppola

The bottle is etched all the way around, with a top and back label. The etched music notes around the bottle are actual music notes from Coppola's father.

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