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Identica has been appointed by Booost Trading to create and launch their new range of fresh organic juices called ‘Pip’:

"The packaging created by Identica has been developed to represent a fresh, honest approach for the premium 100% fruit blends. The range consists of organic juices bottled into a 1 litre offering and launches with three vitamin packed flavours; Cloudy Apple, Cloudy Apple with Cherry and Cloudy Apple with Mango. 

The new range was specifically designed with ‘family’ in mind and incorporates the key brand principles of taste, health and a 100% organic product. Pip is positioned as a premium product but being sold at an affordable price point, making it more accessible to the more ‘eco conscious’ and ‘large family’ target market. Through eye catching design created with children and parents in mind, these ‘fun, fruity and full of goodness’, drinks are created with an aim to be shared and enjoyed by the family together. 

Pip juices are made with 100% pure organic fruit, with no concentrates or hidden ‘nasties’.  In line with company principles the fruit used is 100% premium organic grade and certified by the Soil Association. The entire chilled range contains no added sugar, no added water, no concentrates, colours or preservatives and importantly for kids – no ‘bits’.  

George Corbin, Brand Manager at Pip said: 

‘We have developed this range in response to consumer requests for an everyday, fresh and organic juice as an alternative to many of the concentrate filled and non-organic juices on the market. We involved consumers to help us formulate the range and the resulting work that Identica have produced in creating this new brand has been excellent, we are delighted with the results. 

Richard Morris, Managing Director at Identica said:  

We’re very proud of the work we’ve done for Booost Trading, and the launch of Pip is another step forward for the brand and the company – we’re delighted to be a part of their continuing success story’."

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