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Greenport Harbor Brewing Concepts

by First name Last name on 11/30/2009 | 2 Minute Read

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"Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. is a new brand based out of the very eastern tip of Long Island in a town called Greenport; a place known for its quaint fishing village and extensive past in American history. We pitched the brand early in its development since we're so familiar with the town itself and also the life of a port town, plus we thought a beer named for Greenport was just an awesome idea to begin with.

We pitched three overall ideas for the bottle labels. The first was a design based on old sailing maps utilizing imagery of distressed maps, portraits of old sailors, and of course anchors and ships. The effect we were aiming for was one of familiarity and history, something that would've worked very well in a town that has such a treasured past.

The next design is actually 180 degrees in difference yet still very representative of the town. The funny thing about Greenport is that although it has all this rich history, it has become somewhat of a metropolitan getaway in recent years for all those traveling from NYC that want another option to the Hamptons. This design has a much more modern, minimalistic approach that utilizes small iconic references such as an anchor in the logo and a tall, thin grotesk font to help give that packing label feel without making it feel dirty.

The last design was basically a combination of the first two. A vintage label and print composed in a way that is a lot more ecclectic and modern in practice. This basically combines the old world history of Greenport with the new world modern aesthetic of its new shops and cafes."

Designed by OneTwentySix Design Studios, Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below.



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