We Love Jam

by Yael Miller on 06/17/2008 | 2 Minute Read


We Love Jam is a small (tiny!) company in California that make a delicious and unique jam from rare Blenheim apricots. Blenheims are native to the Silicon Valley area of California, but were quickly becoming extinct due to development of land and dwindling cultivation. These delicious apricots were too delicate for the rigors of the marketplace and lost favor to more hardy (but less tasty) varieties.

Eric Haeberli set out to rescue the Blenheim and make the best-tasting jam on earth from the best-tasting apricots on earth. We Love Jam was born. The results are a unique apricot jam unlike anything else you've probably tried. I asked Eric about his utterly simple, but chic, label designs. He replied that he designed them himself. His art school education certainly paid off in that regard! At first he had to cut them out with an X-acto blade and a quarter, but later on, he had them pre-diecut (phew - that must've been a lot of work.)

Besides jam, they have several other really nice products including pickles and barbecue sauce (picture after the jump.)


Although the concept behind this label design isn't unique, it certainly achieves the design objective for these products exceptionally well - and with elegant simplicity. These hand-made products are clearly about 'what's inside' and the label design serves this function beautifully. Plus, no fancy design agencies were involved which makes it all the more impressive.

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