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Twist Sponges

by Rider Thompson on 03/13/2008 | 1 Minute Read


Twist is a clean fresh fun
brand that makes high quality more eco-friendly sponges and cleaning
cloths by combining elements of design with eco-consciousness.   TWIST
products are 100% biodegradable and the packaging is earth-friendly and

Founded in 2006 by Egil Wigert and Brian Ross, Twist has found early success being carried by Whole Foods Market.

The packaging design is clean and simple just like the products.  A
key focus for designer Teresa Forrester was making packaging that
allowed consumers to look and feel the Twist products up close to see
what they are all about.   Consumers are interested in the new Twist
sponges and cloths and wanted to pick them up and examine them before
buying the company found.

"We really wanted to do something that was more visually stimulating
than what has previously been seen in this arena of products, yet still
be eco sensitive," said Forrester.   "The Twist brand is fresh, clean,
fun and bright this is reflective in our package design and choice of
packaging colors. we also wanted to embrace the color of the sponges
themselves and incorporate that into our design."

Keeping with the green desires of the brand the packaging design
team made the packaging so consumers could make a little bird feeder or
mobile out of it before recycling it.  "For the inside of the
bellybands, we printed small bird mobiles and where we could, did a two
piece bird feeder," said Forrester. 

Sustainable is Good

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