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Basin White

by E. Charrow on 12/04/2008 | 1 Minute Read




Duffy & Partners is known for their smart and
sophisticated design aesthetic.  The packaging for Basin White is no exception.  Duffy expresses the goal of
this brand design best:

"Basin White was designed to create an experience that extends the
brand, presents an array of unique products, and gives a new audience a
reason to connect with the brand.  Designed to appeal to a more
affluent and sophisticated audience who appreciate the finer things in
life, Basin White is located in Disney's flagship hotel, the Grand
Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando."

What I love the most about this smart packaging is how well all the
boxes work together while still having their own distinct feel.  While
white is a predominant color in their palette, there are splashes of
color to make this suit lively.  In addition, the merchandise bag is
eye catching with flora that seems to be sprouting out of the seams of
the bag.

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