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The Gershwins & Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 02/11/2014 | 3 Minute Read

The Gershwins and Me is a comprehensive deluxe box set written by the celebrated entertainer and educator Michael Feinstein that tells the fascinating story of the Gershwin brothers’ lives and legacies through twelve of their most iconic songs. The set contains a 352-page hardcover book, a CD, and a memorabilia folder housing various pieces of ephemera.

"Headcase Design’s solution for the package was inspired by sheet music covers, typography, and patterns from the music industry in the 1930s, but presented with a modern crispness. To help create an authentic art deco experience we used materials such as a canvas textured cloth for the large slipcase, bronze metallic foil stamping, an uncoated stock for the book’s 3-color jacket, and, as a finishing touch, a black silk bow tie ribbon to hold the CD in place.”








Designed by Headcase Design
City: Philadelphia, PA
Country: USA

Designers: Ralph Geroni, Paul Kepple
Art Director: Paul Kepple
Client: Melcher Media, Simon & Schuster
Author: Michael Feinstein
Production Manager: Kurt Andrews (Melcher Media)


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