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Banning Single-Use Plastic Bans

Several cities and municipalities have passed bans on plastic bags and other single-use plastic items like straws. While California was the first to enact a statewide bag law, some states are doing the opposite, passing laws that restrict local governments from instituting plastic bans or fees.

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Rudy Sanchez


We Love This Concept Design For A Deodorant

Designer Mayya Mikhaleva dishes on her concept design, Cover.

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Casha Doemland


7 Awesome CBD Products We Saw At Expo West

One thing you couldn’t help but notice at last week's Expo West conference was the explosion of CBD products that could be delivered to consumers in a variety of ways from infused water and snacks to tinctures, oils and face masks.

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Casha Doemland


Don't You Always Need A Little Mo?

When it comes to ice cream, the answer is always YES THANK YOU MORE PLEASE.

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Casha Doemland

Dieline Conference

A Plastic Free Future

Our Founder Andrew Gibbs will touch on all things plastic, packaging and the future of the packaging industry. Register for Dieline Conference Chicago before March 29th for the best price. 

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Jessica Deseo

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